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Since 1974

Saving Greek Animals

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Paul and Titch have devoted every spare minute of their lives to helping Greek animals as much as they can, by rehoming, fostering, fundraising, travelling out to Greece to escort dogs to new homes, organising sterilising campaigns with local vets who came to Greece free of charge to neuter strays; anything they could do to help the animals and the wonderful animal rescuers who work so hard in often impossible conditions in Greece

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It is our policy to never be less than 100% truthful in every way about every animal, and we only rehome animals from rescuers that we absolutely trust and that we have built up a long relationship with. We believe there is the right home out there for every animal….we just have to find it…..and to be less than scrupulously honest is unfair on the animal and the adopter.

Adoptions are subject to a satisfactory homecheck and we do ask for a donation to cover some of the cost of preparing and transporting the animal – otherwise we couldn’t continue to rescue.

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